Tax law



Tax or Tax Law is a branch of Financial Law that is responsible for regulating the power of the State over the earning of income from individuals in order to cover public expenditure for the sake of the common good.

At HE Lawyers we put at the service of our clients the best team of professionals specialized in Tax Law. We carry out continuous advice to companies and address actions belonging to real estate, financial, commercial and real estate transactions, or remuneration to managers and administrators, among others.

  • Continuous tax advice to companies.
  • Study and audit for the optimization of the tax burden and latent contingencies detection.
  • Real estate taxation.
  • Taxation of remuneration to managers and administrators.
  • Taxation of commercial and real estate transactions.
  • Test and minimization of the tax impact on corporate restructuring operations.
  • International taxation and support for non-residents.
  • Support for family businesses and large heritage sites.
  • Negotiation and elaboration of family protocols.
  • Tax design and optimization in venture capital operations and subsequent ongoing advice.
  • Contentious action: economic-administrative route and contentious-administrative procedures.
  • Taxation of related transactions.
  • Financial taxation.